Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I see a lion standing before me. It's like nothing I have ever seen before. Tall as a horse, its mane is long and full, the color of the morning sun. Its body is heavily muscled and covered in a short, shimmering coat of tan fur the color of an African savanna. With each movement, the lion's muscles ripple causing light to dance across its shiny coat. It is entrancing. Suddenly I see its fangs. I am paralyzed with intense terror. Its canines are as long as daggers and the purest shade of white I have ever seen. I stare at those deadly weapons for minutes, unable to tear my gaze away. 
Finally, the lion lowers its head and forces my gaze to meet its eyes. They are shockingly brilliant. The lion's dark brown eyes are speckled with flakes of every color in the rainbow. Looking into them, he looks back into mine. I feel warm, a sense of absolute joyful peace pours over me and floods into my soul. A presence touches my mind and rests on my heart. I can hear music in my head. I know I've never physically heard the tune radiating within my skull but somehow I know exactly how it goes. It is the most beautiful, happy, powerful sound to ever grace my being. I just want to dance. So I do. The lion watches me and begins making a series of short, guttural growls and I realize he is laughing. I can feel his amusement strum through my body like a guitar string. I start to laugh with him as I dance to the music in my head like a little kid. The lion sits back on his haunches and bobs his head in time with the music. For the first time in my life I feel whole, I feel complete, I feel safe. I know this is how life was meant to be. 
I am overcome with happiness and run to the lion. I sit between his two massive front legs and rest my back against his warm, soft chest. He laughs his infectious, guttural laugh again and sniffs the top of my head, his hot breath ruffling up my hair. I look up at the lion.
"Who are you?" I ask.
The lion stands up and looks down at me. He pushes me onto my feet with his enormous paw. I turn to face him. I seem him standing nobly before me, radiating strength, power and authority. He bears his fangs and opens his mouth as if to roar. A voice like a hundred trillion thunderclaps sounding at once, overwhelmingly powerful, answers.
"I am Alpha."

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