Thursday, February 20, 2014

Red Bull: A Hell of a Drug

The raging bulls of red are stampeding through my mind
Kicking up the tired dust and forcing out the grime
They run without abandon, no they will not slow
So I must run with them telling them all where to go
As we travel on and on my back begins to sting
The raging bulls run faster as my back sprouts golden wings
I spread them out to their full span and feel my body rise
Then, like a golden eagle does, I start to surf the sky
The bulls of red grow smaller as I soar amongst the clouds
The world is my playground with adventures all around
I keep on flying higher and escape the atmosphere
The titan universe above me is so crystal clear
Every single star in every single galaxy
Dares me to go on but now the strength has left my wings
I start to fall head over heels screaming down to land
The ending to my odyssey looks not so very grand
Suddenly I snap awake my head all in a daze
I look down, to my surprise, I’m done with my essay

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