Sunday, March 23, 2014

Virus X

     I was thirteen when the first Bio-Bombs were dropped on the United States. In what was reported to be the largest, most organized acts of terrorism ever orchestrated, chemical bombs containing an engineered super virus were detonated over twenty five isolated rural towns across the Midwest, ranging from Montana to Oklahoma. It was given the name biogenetic terrorism. The bombs unleashed what is now known as Virus X. This virus was unlike anything the world had ever seen. Once a person was infected, the virus was designed to seek out specific cells in the human body such as blood cells, skin cells, neurons, and so on. When the target cell was found, Virus X attached itself and injected the cell with an engineered genetic material. This “genetic payload”, if you will, wasn’t like other, normal viral infections. It did not use the cell to create more virus nor did it destroy the cell. What it did is much, much more incredible. The genetic payload targeted the DNA itself. It targeted specific DNA sequences and added on, deleted, or rearranged the coding as it was programmed to do. The overall consequence was purposeful DNA mutation.
The human genome had been completely mapped for about thirty years at this point, and scientists knew what every single sequence of DNA was responsible for in the human body. Not only this, but a computer program was created that could perform DNA genome mapping thousands of times faster than anything scientists had used before. Consequently genome of every single known species of life on Earth was mapped out as well. As scientists began to use this knowledge to experiment DNA alterations on voluntary human test subjects the government quickly became weary of these experiments. They deemed them too dangerous to the citizens of U.S. and outlawed any and all research that had anything to do with the altering of DNA, human or animal.
Angry, outraged, and with their lives work down the drain a small fraction of genetic scientists came together and formed Catalyst, a bio-terrorist organization. We were told their goal was to, as the name implies, be the catalyst for the next step in human evolution. They believed that by creating as many genetic mutations as possible, they could create a better human that would take the first step into the great unknown of our specie’s evolution. Catalyst was responsible for the bio-bombs. Reports from the bomb sites portrayed a brutal and disturbing picture of what happened to the people who were contaminated with the Virus X. Reports of people’s skin hardening into bone, their mucus membranes being overproduced so much that they drowned in their own snot, and extreme, rapid aging were just a few of the horrors that the victims apparently suffered. With the fear that the virus would become contagious the government quarantined every infected person in every town. No one was allowed in and no one was allowed out. As a result, all information about these attacks came from press conferences with the government officials that were involved in dealing with the after math.
About eight months after the attacks the news was broadcast out to the population; the terrorist organization Catalyst had been completely destroyed by the military’s efforts. The threat of biogenetic terrorism was gone and the American people could once again live in peace. They were wrong. This is my story.

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