Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Multi-level Marketing: Good or Evil?

Multi-level marketing companies have gotten a bad wrap over the years. We all know that one friend who used to be cool until he got involved with that pyramid scheme bullshit. Now all he wants to do is pitch his "business" to you every time he sees you. What an asshole. Multi-level marketing companies suck.

Well, not so much. With a quality product and an emphasis on respect, multi-level marketing companies are a very efficient way to sell legitimate products. The Internet is connecting everyone everywhere through social media and the like. Marketing and networking are becoming as easy as logging in, typing up a post, and hitting share. Facebook's ad campaign feature allows you to find interested leads without having to bother all your friends and family. LinkedIn can connect you to people with similar business interests. Twitter is basically a bulletin board all your friends can see. Post about the opportunity, let the interested parties come to you. Technology is making the multi-level marketing business model more and more favorable for everyone involved. It's relatively cheap, it's highly efficient, creates more jobs, gets products on the market quickly, and allows people the freedom to work how they want, when they want.

Multi-level marketing isn't a bad business model. It is, in reality, a highly effective and highly efficient way to sell a product. As long as the product is legitimate and the sales people treat their leads with respect and professionalism, multi-level marketing companies stand to do big things in this golden age of Internet connectivity.

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