Thursday, May 21, 2015


Before they were gods, I watched them cower. Before they cowered, I watched them rise. We all did. They were the essence of our generation. They were without exceptional talent. They were without significance. But we gave it to them anyway. They brought hope to the hopeless, encouraging us to believe that someday, we too could be like them. We watched as they lived their lives, tossing wealth and luxury around like they were entitled to it. They created significance out of insignificance as the world fell deeper and deeper into existential, unobtainable materialism. 

Then came the Great Purge. They cowered in their fortress, blocking themselves off from the chaos. As the Ninety-Nines rose up and burned the Temple of the Ones to the ground, they were nowhere to be found. I was there. We took what we deserved. The Wealth was distributed evenly to all people of the Planet. We unified ourselves as a species. Interconnected and socialized by our technology we had won. Decades passed. They were all but forgotten. We began to unravel, our unity crumbling. 

From the long settled ashes of the Purge, they rose, incubated by time. They were perfect. Unchanged and beautiful, the People responded to their emergence with awe. They told us they had supported us from the beginning, catalyzing the disdainful ingredients for our revolution. They said they had created our materialism, our Chasm between the Ninety-nines and the Ones in an effort to hasten our unity, all the while immortalizing their minds and their bodies for when they should return to ensure the unity they had created would remain. With our society on the brink of collapse we accepted them absolutely. They were our Saviors. We gave them the power to rule. We gave them the right to judge. We gave them their divinity. We love them, we follow them, and we still keep up with them. They are the Kardashians.

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