Tuesday, June 9, 2015

be Kind

be Kind
By: Steele Stephens

Faggot, dyke, tranny, twink
Nigger, kike, brownie, chink
Bimbo, slut, whore, cow, cunt, bitch
Douche bag, asshole, dick, prick, priss
These are mean things we call others
Without taking time to bother
Thinking about what it would
Do to us if we just could
Take off the black blinders of
The insecurities in us
That is all that meanness is
Sad stabs to fill emptiness
But those jabs just tear more holes
In others and the cycle flows
A bloody torrent of coagulating pain
Driving all of us insane
A sorry struggle to fulfill
The voids in us that we all feel
Spitting spiteful wicked words
At those we do not think have worth
They in turn pay their pain forward
Passing it down, someone else gored

This sickness we can rewind
We just have to be more kind. 

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