Friday, July 24, 2015

Sarah By: Robbye Lewis

By: R. Lewis

I rest my eyes upon your face and examine every line
I treasure every warm embrace that grows sweeter with the time
I seek my comfort in your words they seem so strong and bold
Yet, underneath there lurks the fear of death and growing old
Oh, bold one dare I say to you oh, dare I tell you how
I wish to walk where you have been I wish to be there now
For you see you will live
a thousand years a million journeys strolled
You will live forever in my heart with the stories I have told
For my vibrant youth I owe to you my steadfast love I deem
To pay you back is beyond reproach and never could I dream
To give you back what you have shared the years will tell the tales
Of precious moments frozen in time and never do I fail
To think of you before I drift into complacent sleep
And dream of days eternity holds for all of us who weep
To dance upon the wispy clouds so free of any pain
To be together one and all and never part again

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