Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Two Little Birds

Two Little Birds

By: Steele Stephens

Slashed to the soul
Healed and reopened
Mostly my fault
Nonetheless broken

Swimming upstream
Even though it's a bust
Completely confusing
What love is and lust

Fed up and out
Self pityingly cynical
I turned my back on
Patterns so cyclical

Taken by current
Swept downstream, away
From all of the pointless
Meaningless pain

That slash in my chest
Metaphorically speaking
Though painful and slow
Ended up healing

That's when I saw you
Whimsically beautiful
Singing a song
Captivating, unusual

Caught my attention
Hooked like a fish
Everything that I
Could ever have wished

That's when I said
What I needed too say
I like how you fly,
Can I join you today?

This current of air
Is easy and new
I want to explore it
Just me and you

If it gets rough,
Tough, fast, or slow
We have each other
No matter the flow

I don't know much
But I know I love you
If you are a bird
Then I'm a bird, too