Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I live with the devil
He sits on my shoulder
Whispering bullshit all day

Walking through life
My mind’s filled with strife
Consistently tense and afraid

Constantly prodding
Poking old wounds
Ripping away scabs too early

If they do get a chance
To totally mend
Scar tissue puffs pink and pearly

But when one cut is closed
Another’s torn open
Filled with infection and germ

This cycle continues
Fear without pause
An incessantly smoldering burn

Try as I might
To ignore all the lies
Whining away in my ear

There is no escape
Or so it would seem
And that is my greatest of fears

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Election Year

Two bulls in a china shop
Locking their horns
Duking it out everyday
One brays like an ass
The other’s a rat, but
An elephant’s what he’s today
She kicks and she bites
He stomps and he fights
As the porcelain shatters and cracks
A culture so fragile
Unwilling to haggle

I’m afraid now there’s no turning back