Monday, February 13, 2017

Brain Drain

I'm sitting in a vacuum
Isolated by my bone
Processing all the data
Delivered by my phone

I'm trying to find Truth
Capitalize the T
Force fed outright lies
It's all conspiracy

This search by its design
Conquers and divides
"I am right and you are wrong!"
"No I'm not, you lied!"

True Truth is defined
By one single conclusion
All the facts, they pave the way
But fork off to confusion

I have gotten lost
Exploring those back roads
There's so many places
There's so much to know

There's too much to know
Therein lies the issue
Controlling information
Makes it prone to be misused

A power that's so great
Used irresponsibly
Has transformed Truth itself
Into subjectivity

It's information overload
Stupefying human beings
Distracted by the size of it
We're blind to what it means

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